Organic Cleanup Options


Most Texans purchase cleaning products that have harmful chemical substances in order to clean their homes, unaware of the organic cleanup options. Something I should mention is that these chemical substances in these kinds of cleaning supplies can have negative effects on your health. You do not just need to be worried about inhaling these chemicals as they can also cause problems with your skin and soak directly into your bloodstream. While these chemical substances can have damaging affects on your body, they can also have detrimental affects on the planet.

Although you are trying to make your home clean and free from germs, the chemicals can end up causing more health problems than the germs. They can kill off the germs but you’re also going to discover that the we’re gradually going to kill ourselves off too, should we keep using these chemical cleaners. A large number of individuals try to keep their houses clean and germ-free environment, but if our homes are kept so germ-free using chemical cleaners not only do we risk weakening our immune systems, but the chemical substances can end up having other unfavorable effects on our health.

An additional chemical substance household product and possibly one of the most detrimental will be oven cleaner. I have not personally used the stuff, as I recall the fumes when my mother used it when I was a youngster, and that by itself had been enough to put me off for a lifetime! Many oven cleaners release fumes which might affect the respiratory system, and consist of ammonia as well as lye, that eat the skin. And all natural way to clean your oven is by simply using baking soda and water, and allowing it to stay in the oven overnight. You are also not going to have to be concerned with fumes or gaseous smells the next time you use your oven if you use baking soda to clean it.

Most man-made air fresheners release nerve deadening agents, which can interfere with your sense of smell. All-natural aromatherapy oils would be a much safer bet and you’ll also discover that aromatherapy oils can also end up making you feel better. You should also understand that in a time when respiratory illnesses such as asthma are at an all-time high, we need to be looking to some more natural and gentle ways of keeping our homes clean. I am sure by this point you realize that if you have to clean your home, choosing natural and organic cleanup and air freshening materials is your best option.

A number of the companies out there will actually promote their product is being a natural organic cleaning product, when in truth it’s mostly made up of chemicals with a few natural cleaning solutions. One of your best bets when you actually find a cleaning company that creates all natural organic cleanup products is to find out what other products they may create. If you cannot find these types of products in your grocery store, you will see that the Internet is really a great place to turn to find organic cleanup options.

Bill Kelty
Bill Kelty

Bill Kelty "The Go To Guy" is the founder and President of Go To Services Inc. the fastest growing water damage restoration contractor in the Phoenix metro area opening new locations all the time.